Establishment of cross-border network among the Municipal councils in the cross-border region – MC-NET

The municipal council is the legislative power of local level. It takes the decisions, which form and define the development of the local community. Very often there are no actions for increasing the capacity of the municipal councilors and for facilitating their activity. This restricts their information and decreases their capacity of taking clear and effective managing decisions to a great extent. Through realization of the planned activities under this project will be facilitated the activity of the municipal councils; through application of common information services and resources will be created additional communication channels for exchange of experience and good practices; the information of the municipal councilors will be improved through their participation in the cross-border network, mechanisms for collaboration with the civil organizations will be created and their capacity for application of the principles for good management will be improved. The implementation of the project will be in four stages: Preparatory – mobilization of the resources, this includes the formation of a team, conducting of initial meetings, preparation of internal documentation, choice of subcontractors; Stage of establishing the network of municipal councils – this includes identifying the members, conducting of meeting for formation of the network and accepting rules for work; Stage of increasing the capacity of the members of the network - this includes the conducting of the final conference, activities for advertising the results of the project, monitoring and evaluation.

Achievements: The project envisioned and achieved the following results: - Created cross-border network of municipal councillors; - Participation in public events by representatives of eight target municipalities; - Participation in the project directly and indirectly of 160 representatives of local authorities and municipal councils; - Establishment of cross - border Institutional Network of Municipal Councils; - Developed software for conducting of non-paper session of the municipal councils and new information services for citizens – developed software, web platform, and guide for use: - New partnerships created - Memorandum of Cooperation between the target municipalities; - Established conditions for partnership and development of future projects in the region - Generated conceptual projects for implementation within the established network; - Increased capacity of the municipal councilors to conduct public discussions with citizens and civic organizations.

Donor: Interreg – IPA Cross-border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme

Project value: 92 697,89 EUR

Period: 01.2013 - 01.2014