Extinguishing a forest fire and rescuing lost and injured tourists - practical training


The third module of the training program under the project "Cross-Border Cooperation in Forest Fires Fighting", implemented by the Association of South-Western Municipalities in partnership with the Center for Development of the South-East Region, Republic of North Macedonia, co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg - IPA CBC Programme between the Republic of Bulgaria - Republic of North Macedonia was completed. 


For two days, volunteers and professional firefighters from the border region upgraded their knowledge and skills. The program that followed the training module was entirely practically oriented. Ch. Inspector Ralitsa Todorova - head of the Voluntary formations sector at the DG PBZN conducted three situations in a "real" setting. With the courtesy of the Regional Office, "Fire Safety and Protection of the Population" - the city of Bansko, the participants dealt with a forest fire, controlled the spread of the fire in the forest, and rescued tourists who were lost and injured during a walk.

Through the simulation of a forest fire, the topics laid out in the training program were worked out, such as forming a headquarters and coordination in a real situation, building different types of water lines, extinguishing fires with fire extinguishers and water, searching for victims and providing first aid to victims of fire. The fourth module of the training program is coming up on 10-11.11.2022 in the city of Strumica, Republic of North Macedonia.