ASWM launched the training program for municipal voluntary formations

Within two days, volunteers from South-Western Bulgaria and professional firefighters from the Southe-Eastern part of the Republic of North Macedonia learn knowledge and acquire skills to deal with forest fires.


Participants were more than sixty, and in addition to theory, they had the opportunity to participate in practical exercises, exchange ideas, and good practices, and share their experience of participating in joint actions in the border region.


The training program continues with the following five modules, in which topics such as the construction of various types of hoses and suction lines used for personal protective equipment, fire fighting and rescue, and recovery work, first aid for fire victims, etc. will be considered.

The training is part of the project "Cross-Border Cooperation in Forest Fire Fighting", co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg - IPA CBC Programme between the Republic of Bulgaria - Republic of North Macedonia CCI No. 2014TC16I5CB006.