The ASWM will equip and train municipal territorial fire brigades and voluntary formations

The new ASWM project “Cross-Border Cooperation in Forest Fire Fighting” is with financial assistance from the Interreg-IPA CBC Programme between Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of North Macedonia.


The aim of the project is to build a cross-border partner network for prevention and response to natural and environmental hazards of a permanent nature. During the implementation of the project, public attention is expected to increase on the benefits of volunteering and forest fire prevention. The project will increase the capacity and equipment of the fire services and voluntary formations concerning the population of the whole cross-border region, will also improve the qualification of the representatives of the fire and volunteer formations.

The project partner is the Centre for development of the South-East planning region, Republic of North Macedonia.

The length of the project is 24 months, the entities who will be positively affected by the project аре тhe municipalities from Southwest Bulgaria and Southeast Macedonia, the territorial fire-fighting units and members of voluntary fire brigades into Southwest Bulgaria and Southeast Macedonia.

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