Transnational conference on the project AgriGo4Cities for the promotion of urban and peri-urban agriculture

The main challenges related to governance systems within the Danube Region can be associated with the decreasing capacities of public authorities to incorporate a participatory approach into planning. Recent austerity measures have left public administrators with limited instruments and channels for involving relevant stakeholders and civil society into decision-making processes. The gap between citizens and public authorities is increasing on all levels and leading to intensified mistrust and lack of public participation, especially among the most disadvantaged communities at risk of exclusion. The growing social and economic inequalities are reflected in a reduced livelihood and quality of place. 

To overcome these challenges, the AgriGo4Cities project employed participatory urban and peri-urban agriculture as a powerful and emerging method to improve public institutional capacities for tackling social exclusion of marginalized groups and to stimulate sustainable urban development in the Danube Region. 

The final conference of the AgriGo4Cities project aims to highlight all the key topics, that were the focus in the process of designing and testing the methodology of participatory urban and peri-urban agriculture during the AgriGo4Cities project implementation. Together, we will discuss concrete lessons on how to enhance public services, promote active citizenship, reinforce public participation and contribute to the sustainability of cities by means of urban agriculture. 

The conference will be held on the 19th of March 2019 in MOM KULTURÁLIS KÖZPONT, BUDAPEST. The language of the conference is English, Hungarian translation will be provided by the organizers. 

More information and programme:

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