My hobby is my profession - Providing services for internet business

We are pleased to inform you that the Association of South-Western Municipalities has started the implementation of the project "My hobby is my profession - Providing services for internet business", funded under the Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis "Poverty reduction and promotion of social inclusion "," Development of Social Entrepreneurship "Procedure.

The project aims to create employment for people with disabilities and disadvantaged persons on the labor market - unemployed youths and long-term unemployed to overcome social exclusion, improve quality of life and stimulate their competitiveness on the labor market.

A social enterprise will be established to provide internet business services, providing employment for two people with disabilities, eight long-term unemployed and ten young people.

The project activities include: identifying representatives of the target groups for inclusion in the project and motivating them to be included in employment; providing key competence training - digital competence; provision of mentors for newcomers; equipment for newly created jobs; providing employment for the target groups; research on the demand and opportunities for market realization of services related to internet businesses and development of an electronic platform for their provision; social marketing and promotion of the social economy and social entrepreneurship.


Donor: Human Resources Development Operational Programme 2014-2020

Project value: 285 990,12 BGN

Period: 01.06.2018 - 01.10.2019