Towards the future – Study on the potential and utilization of renewable energy sources in the cross border region

This project increased the knowledge of the population inthecross-border region for renewable energy sources available in the region. It also allowed the residents   of   the   region   to   better   understand   the possibilities   of   utilizing   these energy sources and have   the opportunity to learn how to achieve greater energy efficiency.The project "Towards the Future" -Study on thepotential and utilization of renewable energy sources in thecross-border region, contributed the increased of the public awareness of the potential of renewable energy resources in the cross-border region and the future use of environmental resources  and  increasingtheenergy  efficiency  and  use  ofrenewableenergy  sources  in  the  South-East  region,Republic  of  Macedonia  and South-West region, Republic of Bulgaria.Within the project there were roundtables and workshops that will enable  the  exchange  of  experience  and  transfer  of  know-how andwill increase the Cooperation on joint activities in thecross-border region of Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Objectives of the project:

Increasing   the   awareness   for   the   renewable   energy sources in the cross border region;

Introducing  the  employees  in  the Municipalities  from  thecross- border region  with  the  possibilities ofrenewable energy sources and the ways for their utilization;

Introducing  the  concept  of  energy  efficiency  to  the  private and public entities located in the cross border region;

Determining the   capacities   of   the   renewable   energy sources  in  the cross  border  region  and publishing  the Study;

Offering   a   series   of   possibilities   forutilization oftherenewable energy sources in the cross border region.

Results of the project: Published “Study on the   Potential and UtilizationofRenewable energy sources in the cross-border region”; Twenty   seven   representatives from the Municipalities from the South-East planning region of R.Macedonia and South-West  region  of  R.  Bulgaria  acquainted  with the Renewable Energy Sources available in the cross borderregion; At  least ten representatives from the  management  of  the public entities in the Municipalities from the  South-Eastplanningregion, R.   Macedonia   and   the   South-Westregion,R. Bulgariaacquainted with therenewable energysources available in the cross border region; 20.000 inhabitants from the Municipalities from the South-East planning region of R.  Macedonia and  the  South-Westregionof R. Bulgaria acquainted    with the Renewable Energy Sources through the Public Awareness Campaigns implemented on both sides of theborder.

Donor: EU through IPA Cross-border Programme, CCI Number 2007CB16IPO007Ref. No 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-086

Project value: 147 403.43 EUR


Period: 12.2013 -06.2015